A scientifically designed and beautiful office is a necessity to bring efficiency. A harmonious corner of the desk makes you happy when sitting at your desk. A neat desk converging feng shui elite reassures you at work and the financial path later is what you care about?

1. Why decorate the desk by room?

You must spend more than 8 hours a day attached to your desk, so this becomes quite important for you. How to decorate the layout on the table so that the money line and your support have you ever thought about this? Since the desk is the easiest place to access your luck at work, creating a positive energy is no small source. Moreover, this is the second space after the office created that has the potential to change your destiny.

2. Items and location should be left on the desk to attract wealth

Feng Shui objects if chosen incorrectly are also decorative objects for beautiful, sometimes bringing bad luck, hindering your luck.

2.1. Greenery

Small pots that fit the desk, create an eye-friendly feel, and reduce radiation from the computer are the advantages that people often mention when it comes to decorative trees. Few people know that these are easy to find and important things in stimulating their fortunes. Depending on the destiny, each person chooses different types of plants to decorate but pay attention to the size of the pot with the table so as not to limit the space and prosperity of the workplace. You should also keep the plant in a place of little touch and limit the movement of the tree too much.

2.2 Mini Aquarium

Watching the fish swim in the pool will make your mood more comfortable especially when you are stressed with new papers. Because water is suitable for the north and southeast directions, when placing the aquarium, you should look for one of these two directions to stimulate transportation. When raising fish should choose gentle, leisurely fish such as mermaids, goldfish, guppies... Avoid aggressive, aggressive fish.

2.3 Mascot statue

If your desk doesn't have enough space for a plant pot or aquarium, the mascot is your choice. These mascots will support you in both work and love life. Moreover, the mascot also helps to ward off evil spirits, bring peace and blessings to you.

2.4 Quartz sphere

Representing wisdom, erudition, success, a small feng shui ball also helps you avoid evil spirits. It has long been believed that these spheres help the owner to be clear in important decisions, keeping relationships smoother and better. These quartz spheres will stop the energy from focusing on a place that makes you as focused as possible. However, if you decide to choose this type of item to put on your desk, you should see what color your destiny fits. Since the bridge is made from stone, please consult carefully before buying to avoid "disability money".

2.5. Money

It may sound strange, but few people really pay attention to this, this is a trick that is widely transmitted in the West. People often leave money at their desks or in safes that will generate prosperity. You can leave coins or banknotes depending on your preferences but don't need to leave the money of too much value.


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