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Open space in the office

►  Trends in  modern office interior design  often focus on  open space , which is breaking the gap between interior space and outer space. This style of design will bring comfort to employees, reducing stress in

How to arrange work place?

In addition to using feng shui in the home to welcome the fortune, people also need to arrange the workplace properly to get a more prosperous career. Feng shui in

Resolving bad feng shui in office

When you look for an office, there are many factors that affect the decision to rent such as: location, area, prices …, as well as spiritual factors such as the

Should you rent a full-service office?

Full-service office is a modern and well-equipped office for lease , with a separate office for your company. With this service you will save a lot of expenses for such as: Professionally trained

5 benefits of renting full-service office

More and more businesses are looking to expanding their enterprise, international businesses are exploring the market, or large businesses are looking to reduce costs by shifting all of their needs

How to arrange feng shui office

At the office, arranging desk by feng shui is very important, it is said, all the work flows are around it. Therefore, different special jobs should be displayed differently. According

Viet A Tower

Viet A Tower No. 9 Duy Tan is considered one of the most modern and beautiful B class office buildings in Cau Giay district with loose traffic, flexible design in

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